Support for Early Readers

                                How to make reading fun!                           
Teach lots of nursery rhymes – each one tells a different story.
Enjoy and share books together – buy or borrow books that will fire their
 imagination and interest. Read and reread those they love best.
Make time to read with your child throughout their time in school
 PLEASE continue reading to your child, even when they are reading
 independently. This is very important – your child needs to practise their
 reading skills every day, and needs the support of an interested adult. 
 Grandparents, older brothers or sisters can help, too.
Let them see you reading – grown-ups can share their magazines about
 their favourite sport or hobby.
Read with your child – ask your child to attempt unknown words, using their
 phonic skills and knowledge. Make sure they blend all through the word.
Talk about the meaning of the book, too – take time to talk about what is
 happening in the book, or things that they found really interesting in an 
 information book. Discuss the characters and important events. Ask them
 their views. Provide toys, puppets and dressing-up clothes that will help them
 to act out stories.
•Explain the meaning of words (vocabulary) that your child can read but
 may not understand,for example, flapped, roared.
Listen to story tapes.
Teach your child some action rhymes – ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’,
 ’Here we go round the mulberry bush’, ‘We all clap hands together'.
 Use tapes and CD-ROMs of nursery rhymes to sing along to.
Read simple rhyming books together – leave out a rhyming word now and
 then, and see if your child can work out the missing word. If not, you say it.
Borrow or buy the best books you can to share with your child. Libraries and
 bookshops can advise you of the most popular books.
Add sound effects when reading a story and encourage your child to join in.


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