Our English Curriculum


We have a 2 year rolling programme of genres as a basis for our writing curriculum. We know that a well-chosen text provides rich language models and structures from which children can learn how writing works and the effect it can have on the reader.

From the earliest stages, it is important that children understand that writing is a means of expression and a communication tool. We know a culture of book talk deepens reader response and allows children to explore the effect the author of a text has created on the reader.

At Kilby St Mary's we create opportunites for writing by meaningful events and experiences in texts and real life. This provides the children with ways in to talking and writing about their own feelings, experiences and interests with a purpose in mind.

What we know works:

  • Understand the role reading plays in developing writers and the value of being immersed in high quality literature
  • Ensure children have experience of a breadth of texts including those that are visual and digital
  • Provide a range of meaningful opportunities to write for real purposes and audiences and to respond to writing as a reader.
  • Develop an understanding of the craft of writing by engaging meaningfully with professional authors and their processes
  • Understand and model the craft and process of writing authentically
  • Support children to identify as writers and to develop their own ideas in writing
  • use creative teaching appraoches that build imagination and give time for oral rehearsal
  • ensure the teaching of phonics, grammar and spelling is embedded in context
  • celebrate writing through authentic publication and presentation across platfroms