Vision - If we are 'learning to live life in all its fullest'; Why do we teach what we teach in PE?

With a national emphasis on increasing physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for children, Physical Education is a high priority for us at Kilby St Mary’s. Our broad and ambitious curriculum is designed to promote the development of the knowledge and skills needed for pupils to lead healthy and active lives. PE lessons encourage pupils to persevere with physically demanding activities leading to success in sports, gymnastics, dance and swimming. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident to support health, fitness and well being.


PE provides all pupils, including SEND and disadvantaged pupils, with the opportunity to learn how to be successful participants in physical activity. Pupils will understand what physical activity looks and feels like and how, with practice, they can improve their individual skills to reach high quality outcomes. During PE lessons pupils will practice the skills needed for a particular sport or other physical activity and will be physically active for a sustained period of time. Pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a broad range of competitive sports and activities to ensure they have opportunities to excel. 


PE is taught twice a week throughout the school. Lessons are carefully structured to build on pupil’s previous skills and experiences, with equipment appropriate to age and skill level ensuring all pupils can experience success. Pupils are encouraged to think independently about their own performance, evaluating and recognising their achievements. The PE curriculum is designed to ensure pupils have a broad experience of competitive sport, which encourages them to build character and embed values such as fairness, respect, teamwork and perseverance. Pupils are taught explicitly about how physical activity contributes to a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Extra-curricular activities support lessons and events in the wider community, such as the Dance Festival, promote engagement in the subject. In KS2, Specialist PE coaches are on hand to deliver lessons to improve the knowledge and teaching of PE, which results in the pupils benefitting from high-quality coaching.

PE in EYFS at Kilby St Marys


All pupils, including SEND and those who are disadvantaged, should talk enthusiastically about their successes during PE sessions. Pupils should talk about working hard to develop a skill and pride in accomplishment. Pupils should be happy to take on physical challenges and confident that these will contribute to their health and fitness. They will have a range of strategies for solving problems and show resilience to keep going when they find activities challenging. Pupils will understand the benefits of working in different group dynamics and have the confidence to lead and support others.

Broader Curriculum

In PE all our pupils are encouraged to share ideas and value those of others. Through PE and Sport, we learn to work together and support all team members inclusive of all abilities and cultural backgrounds. Respect for all is a key concept at the heart of all learning in PE. The values of Respect, Resilience and Positivity are key features of all PE and school sport sessions. They are promoted and discussed in sports assemblies, PE lessons and competitions. Moral values are developed with an emphasis on fair play and pupils learn what constitutes good sportsmanship. Pupils are aware that they must accept differences and resolve conflicts quickly in order to achieve success. PE is closely linked to PSHCE and Science curriculum in terms of healthy lifestyles and maintaining health and fitness.

What does a good learner look like on leaving Kilby St Mary’s?

A good learner enjoys PE, is enthusiastic and wants to continue their development through challenge. Our pupils should leave our school with a secure knowledge of sports and other physical activities that will keep their bodies healthy They will have the perseverance to develop their skills and are able to be physically active for a sustained amount of time. They know what it means to be a good sportsman and can participate in fair play. Children are confident performing in a competitive situation and work well as a team, while sharing ideas and valuing those of others. Through PE, hopefully children will find a skill they enjoy which they will continue outside of school. They will be physically confident and committed to keeping themselves healthy, confident that they are ready for the challenges to be faced in KS3.